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What is the fee to extract a tooth?

The types of extractions Dr. Hartfield does have two different billing/insurance codes. One is for a simple extraction and one is for a surgical extraction. In “code talk,” a simple extraction is one where the tooth does not need to be sectioned or have any bone or gum removed to allow access to the tooth or the root, and a surgical extraction is one that does need that done. Teeth that are broken off at the gum line can often be a simple extraction while teeth with good strong roots may require a surgical extraction (if one root wants to go one way and one root wants to go the other way it is easier to split the roots in two and take the roots out in two different directions.)

Surgical extractions are more expensive than simple extractions. When you ask for a quote for an extraction, Dr. Hartfield’s staff will always quote you the cost of the surgical extraction as it cannot be determined what will be needed until the tooth is actually sitting on the counter.

Although most of the extractions Dr. Hartfield does turn out to be simple extractions, she believes it’s best for you to know the most it will cost in advance of the procedure.  Once the tooth is out, she would rather tell you it only needed a simple extraction (and you can put money back in your pocket) than to tell you the tooth turned out to need a surgical extraction and you now owe more money than you expected. If you are calling different dental offices to get extraction quotes, make sure you ask which fee they are quoting you.

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